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The main objective of this proposal is to improve the research capacity of TUBITAK UEKAE Cryptology Department (CryptoD) in the area of cryptographic algorithms/protocols and their applications to wireless security and formal verification methods/tools. Such improvement in the research capacity of CryptoD will promote enhanced participation in the projects of Framework Programmes in the domain of ICT and Security. This will also enable us to prepare for research for a secure Europe that has gained great importance in recent years.


CryptoD has established a set of objectives that will be accomplished within the scope of ICE. These objectives are:

  • Increased job opportunities for young researchers studying cryptography in Turkey to reinforce human potential and decrease “brain drain”
  • Recruitment of incoming researchers, as a mean to encourage the return of nationals having left the country
  • Acquisition, development or upgrading of research equipment for the CryptoD

RFID lab equipment such as RFID readers, tags, spectrum analyser and protocol analyser will be purchased in order to test the feasibility of designed cryptographic protocols and algorithms.

  • Trainings

Provision of short-term trainings by scientists from Europe: We will host series of seminars by scientists who are experts in the international arena. The variety of the topics chosen for the lectures will deepen our current RTD activities, and help us to enlarge our scope yielding better participation in Framework Programmes, simultaneously.

Internal training: In order to train the newly hired researchers and integrate them to the group quickly, we will organise internal training courses that will be delivered by senior researchers and advisors within the group.

Trainings in Europe: ICE will provide us with an opportunity to send our researchers to participate in short-term trainings, workshops, summer schools and similar activities in Europe and industrialized countries where needed. All these activities not only serve to the purpose of the enhancement of research quality of the group, but also introduce us to the ERA and enable us to present our expertise.

We will conduct short term technical study visits to centres with similar interests in order to exchange know-how between the centres. These visits will also enable us to prepare joint RTD proposals for the future Calls in FP7.

  • Cooperation and networking with researchers and institutes in EU

In order to cooperate with leading European research centres having similar scientific interests, we will organise one brokerage event and participate to other meetings or brokerage events at which there will be opportunities to discuss and shape new project ideas and make consortiums for the future Calls in FP7.

Improve networking with international researchers in EU in order to enhance information sharing and facilitate participation in future joint research projects (including participation in the FP7 and future European programmes).

We will organize workshops and conferences in Turkey to bring together participants from Turkey and EU from universities, research centres, industries and public institutions, etc, to facilitate knowledge transfer at regional, national and international level and to establish information-sharing network on cryptography, with the aim of enhancing future FP7 project proposals.

  • Dissemination of scientific knowledge and information from CryptoD through seminars and different training courses on the national and international level. These activities will also promote public awareness, additional research and future applications.
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