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Overall Strategy and Associated Work Plan

Methodology and associated work plan

 The new researchers will be hired and trained under the supervision of senior researchers. After the enough maturity level, all researchers will be directed for research. The main areas of research will be cryptographic algorithms/protocols and their applications to wireless security and formal verification methods/tools focusing on RFID security and lightweight cryptography. The project also aims the creation of persistent links between European researchers and CryptoD researchers which will also raise the cooperation level with the RTD community in Europe. In this context, workshops and attendance to scientific organizations are included in this project. Besides, some project outputs will be disseminated to improve nationwide knowledge. 

Overall strategy and general description:

The implementation plan of ICE consists of 7 workpackages. The workpackages are designed according to the classification of major tasks which are formed to lead the goals of the project. Each workpackage is a major part of ICE and it will have deliverables and/or important milestones. The workpackages with their start and end date are summarized below: 
Management activities
WP 1 Project management (M1 – M36)
Specific activities
WP 2  Infrastructure Improvement (M1 – M25)
WP 3  Recruitment of Researchers (M1– M36)
WP 4 Training Activities (M2 - M34)
WP 5 Cooperation and Networking Activities (M3 - M34)
WP 6 Participation in Workshops and Conferences (M2 - M35)
WP 7 Dissemination Activities (M13 - M36)

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