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Welcome to Project ICE

The main objective of this project is to improve the research capacity of TUBITAK UEKAE Cryptology Department (CryptoD) in the area of cryptographic algorithms/protocols and their applications to wireless security and formal verification methods/tools.  Such improvement in the research capacity of CryptoD will promote enhanced participation in the projects of Framework Programmes in the domain of ICT and Security.  This will also enable us to prepare for research for a secure Europe that has gained great importance in recent years. CryptoD has established a set of objectives that will be accomplished within the scope of ICE.

Project Type:

Coordination and Support Actions



Project Acronym:


Project Full Title:

Integration of CryptoD to ERA

Grant Agreement No:


Duration of the Project:

36 Months (From 1 May 2008)

Project Coordinator:

A. Murat Apohan


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